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Red Liquorice Tyre Dressing - TheDetailKitchen

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Red Liquorice is our fantastic mixed berry and liquorice scented tyre dressing with built in polymers that aid bond and water resistance. One coat will provide a natural sheen, multiple coats will build up shine levels.

Can also be used as a trim dressing and is a fantastic way to dress engine bay plastics.


How to Prepare:

Simply spray 3 or 4 sprays around your tyre wall, use our Liquorice block tyre sponge to spread around the tyre face and leave to dry. Remove any excess from the wheel face with a microfibre and after 5-10 minutes if any excess remains on the tyre wall, gently also remove with a microfibre.


Serving Suggestion:

Remove excess gently from first layer with a microfibre and use initial coat as a base coat. Wait a couple of minutes from first coat and apply two layers for ultimate finish.