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Turbo Garrett G40-1150

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Flange - Wastegate - AR

Garrett G40-1150 turbocharger 0.85 A/R V-Band / V-Band

The newest generation of Garrett turbocharger

A real evolution of the GTX turbos

Garrett now launches a new line of turbochargers that are close to the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers - the G-Series. The special features are:

- Forged and machined compressor wheel of the latest generation with up to 15% more flow (than the GTX series, Gen II series) compressor wheels
- Highflow compressor housing with optional connection for the speed sensor
- Turbine wheel made of Mar-M (up to 1050°C resistant) with 74% more efficiency
- Stainless steel turbine housing resistant up to 1050°C
- Turbine housings with V-Band inlet and V-band outlet
- CHRA with V-band to be twisted individually
- Double ceramic ball bearings
- 4 water connection ports
- Double seal on the piston rings

Power range: Up to 1150 HP
Engine capacity: 2,0 up to 7,0 Liter

Turbo inlet flange: V-Band
Turbo outlet flange (downpipe flange): V-Band

Compressor facts:
Inlet: 71,00mm
Outlet: 88,00mm
Trim: 65
A/R value: 0.85

Turbine facts:
Inlet: 77,00mm
Outlet: 70,00mm
Trim: 84
A/R value: 0.85

Please note:
G Series Turbochargers won't be shipped pre-assembled. You will always receive a supercore and housing, and wastegate (if applicable) separately.