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Surgetank Set dual 340l/h @ 3bar, 290mm tall, 2,7 Liter Capacity | FueLab

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New fuel surge tank with dual integrated high performance fuel pumps

FueLab - Fuel supply at the highest level

FUELAB now offers fuel catch tank systems, designed to prevent fuel starvation due to fuel surge or limited tank baffling.Especially recommended for street racing drivers and those moving their vehicle to 1/4 mile, drift, or circuit events where rapid changes in G forces allow air to be drawn in by the main fuel pump. Fuel surge tank systems maintain a small amount of fuel to operate its own internal fuel pump(s) that can supply high fuel flow rates, while only needing low fuel pressure from the main fuel tank pump.

Product Features:
- Allows for high fuel flow output with little or no modifications to the OE fuel tank and module
- Prevents fuel sloshing by maintaining a ready volume of fuel
- 2.7 L rated volume (290mm tall)
- Dual 340 LPH internal fuel pumps
- Billet aluminum and O-ring Construction using -8AN Fuel Ports
- Compatible with pump and racing gasoline, and E85
- Return line is required, returns excess fuel back to the vehicle fuel tank

Notice: The accessories visible in the picture (fuel filter, Dash fittings, hardware, mounting plate) is not included! The Optional FST upgrade accessory kit sold separately - Includes floor mount bracket, hardware, hose assembly and 90 degree fitting.

Output: 340l/h @ 3bar