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CANchecked MFD28 - 2.8" Display BMW E36

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Displays up to 50 engine Values

with vehicle-specific bracket for ventilation grille

With the CANchecked displays you have all relevant engine values in view.

CANchecked has launched a new 2.8-inch display generation with a capacitive touch on the market. The display shows up to 50 values and is suitable for all freely programmable control units with CAN bus and many with serial interface. In addition, it has an 8GB SD card for logging while driving. All of the 10 display pages can be customized by the customer with widgets.

Key Features:
- 2.8 inch capacitive touch display
- 8GB SD Card Memory
- Up to 10 freely configurable display pages
- Connection via CAN bus and serial interface
- 4 analog inputs for 0 - 5V sensors (for example oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust temperature (with adapter) and boost pressure)
- Shift Light (optional)
- Performance Meter (measures for example the time from 100-200 km/h)
- Individual minimum and maximum warning values
- Popup function when values exceed or fall below
- Screen brightness adjustable

- 10 pages to configure freely- Up to 17 widgets per page
- 10 different widgets (digital number, bar, speed, single pointer, log, Tableswitch, picture (from SD card), number, circle display, Haldex) - Widgets via Drag'n'Drop movable and resizable
- Depending on the widgets color adjustment possible

As an alternative, an online configurator is available on the CANchecked website. Here, the views can be created in advance and then copied to the SD card via the export function.

Supported Values: Many customers always ask, "What values can I query from my ECU?". The answer: " ALL " The ECU manufacturers themselves determine which values are sent via the interface and document them accordingly. A total of up to 50 sensors can be interrogated with the display if the manufacturer supports it. Supported ECUs:
Generally, all ECUs with a documented CAN bus or a serial interface are supported. The latter is only possible with optional serial adapters. Most manufacturers deliver a "dbc" file, which is then converted into a .tri file for the display. This can also be done by the customer himself via the DBC converter via the manufacturer website.

There are four different logging types available:
1. USB: logs live all sensor data via USB hub
2. SD card: all sensor data is logged on the SD card
3. Debug: all CAN bus data is logged via USB.
4. sDbg: all Can Bus data is stored on the SD card (CAN Bus Logger)
To read the log, go to the Logviewer on the CANchecked website. Just load logfile and use the intuitive interface.

Supported ECUs:
In general, all ECUs are supported which have a documented CAN bus or a serial interface. The latter is only possible with optional serial adapters. Most manufacturers deliver a "dbc" file, which is then converted into a .tri file for the display. This can also be done by the customer himself via the DBC converter via the CANchecked manufacturer website.

Optional Accessories:
- Haldex license
- Shift light
- Serial adapter (VEMS + Ecumaster without CAN)
- Vehicle-specific integration

The following standalone engine units have already been implemented:
- trijekt (Premium, Bee, trigifant)
- Megasquirt 2 und 3
- k-data KDFI
- EFIgnition
- Microsquirt
- EcuMaster EMU (classic with Can-Bus adapter: EMU Black)
- AIM generic protocol
- LinkECU
- Haltech v2
- MME ECU481 with Can Bus
- SCS Delta GDI4 and Delta
- VAG (Audi / VW / Seat)
- Van kronenburg KMS MD35 (MP25 with CAN-Bus adapter)
- VEMS with serial adapter
If your ECU is not listed, please contact us

The 2.8 "display has the ability to control the VAG 4Motion Haldex control unit (VAG Gen 1 PQ34 platform). The communication occurs via CAN bus, so no conversion of the Haldex is necessary. The controller is activated by a license.

What's in the box:
- CANchecked 2.8 inch display
- Vehicle specific bracket for vent pod
- Cable set
- Fixing screws
- 8 GB micro SD card
- Micro SD Card Adpater
- Quickstart Guide

Installation manuals can be found on CANchecked website

- Aperture 73x54,4mm
- Cover 87,5x58mm
- Depth 29mm

The display is configured via the website or via the Display Setup Software (found on the CANchecked website under the menu item DSS). The dbc-converter for the Can Bus protocol and the online configurator for the widgets, whereby this can also be set via the touch display.
The temperature range of the display is -10°C to 70°C.
12V are required as a voltage supply, 5V or 24V are optional possible.