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Blueberry Deep Dish – Wheel Cleaner - TheDetailKitchen

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A wheel cleaner with a pleasant Blueberry scent….wait what? Yes you heard correctly, a nice smelling wheel cleaner that doesn’t set fire to your nostril hairs nor cause you to choke on its vapours. What it does do is foam beautifully under agitation to create a very effective wheel cleaner that is totally safe on all types of wheel.

Its gentle formula also makes it a very effective and safe wheel cleaner for ceramic coated wheels.

How to Prepare

Spray on to wheel face, covering spokes and inner barrel. Agitate with a wheel brush and\or wash mitt, leave to dwell for approx 1 minute and rinse away thoroughly.

Serving Suggestion:

Use a dedicated wheel bucket with a shampoo mix in conjunction with the cleaner. This helps to clean your equipment and to assist the wheel cleaning process.