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Fuel pressure regulator -6AN 535 | FueLab

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fuel pressure regulator -6AN 535

Fuel pressure regulator with the highest precision

FueLab - Fuel supply at the highest level

Intake: -6AN
- 1,7 -? 6bar
Inlets: 2
- -6AN Return
- extremely small

The FueLab fuel pressure regulator series 535 and 545 have the same features as the 515/525 series. They are also much smaller and weigh a mere 50 %. They support carburetor and fuel injection engines in the pressure ranges from 0.7 to 8,5bar. In the 535-series the return is located on the underside of the controller. In the 545-series is this in line with the inlet and is therefore very well suited for confined spaces.