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Hydraulic Hose Dash 6 - Black Nylon | BOOST products

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BOOST products Hydraulic Hose Dash 6 - Black Nylon

Premium hydraulic hose with satin black nylon braid, optimal for E85 fuel, oil and pneumatic systems

-06 AN / Dash 6 Hydraulic hose for DIY line construction, protects against stone chips, abrasion, UV radiation and gives a clean look

Note: Fits not for PTFE fittings!
For threaded connections: -06 AN / Dash 6 / 9,5mm
Inner diameter: 8,73 mm
Outside diameter: 14,22 mm
Max. working pressure: 34 bar
Burst pressure: 138 bar
Max. vacuum pressure: 0,68 bar
Weight: 0,132 kg/m
Min. radius: 63,5 mm
Min. temperature: -40 °C
Max. temperature: 125 °C
Suitable for: Petrol, Diesel, E85, Methanol, oil and air
Structure: Epichlorohydrin (ECO) and Fluoroelastomer (FKM) with internal stainless steel mesh and nylon coating outside.
Colour: Black (Nylon)

BOOST products fittings, hoses and thread adapters are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as use on oil, water, and fuel lines and are resistant to E85 and for PTFE also against methanol. The fittings and adapters are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and conform to U.S. specification AN d JIC industry standards. The matching hydraulic hoses to the fittings are available in different versions (nylon or stainless steel braiding, also with reinforced insert or as PTFE version). The self-sealing system originates from the defense and aerospace industries and has been successfully used in motor sports for decades. Thanks to the unique screw connections, the hoses are tight and pressure-resistant up to 650 bar (depends on size and type) without the need for press tools. All BOOST products hydraulic hoses were E85 and Methanol resistent. The hose fittings are screwed together with the matching hydraulic hoses.

Generally recommended for turbocharger applications (oil/water lines) is -04 AN / Dash 4 for oil feed lines and -10 AN / Dash 10 for oil return lines. Other hose/pipe systems, such as water or fuel lines are best selected according to the specifications of the existing connections and manufacturers recommendations. Unlike other suppliers, BOOST products also offers rotatable fittings with the designation "swivel", they are still completely rotatable after assembly. This is essential for easy assembly and often not available from cheap suppliers. We recommend depending on the application to make at least one side rotatable (swivel).