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Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit Mishimoto / Universal / 10 Row / Black

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Rows: 10
Install Torque Specs:
20-33N*M (operating range) for all straight fittings and banjo bolts. Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of 47N*M.

It is the installer's responsibility to check all thermostat plugs, NPT plugs, line fittings, and other connections to assure they are fully tightened before operating the vehicle. Mishimoto recommends that you check all connections at regular intervals, especially during the first few miles after installation.

Core Length: 328mm
Core Height: 71mm
Core Thickness: 50mm
Core Size: 328 x 71mm
No dashes = M20 x 1.5 -- M20 x 1.5 2 dashes = 3/4" -16UNF -- 3/4" -16UNF
Braided Hoses: 1,23m & 1,44m
Braided Hose Fittings: -10AN
Sandwich Plate Fittings: -10AN

Purchase includes:
(1) - 10 Row Oil Cooler(Silver or Black)
(1) - 1,44m Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ -10AN fittings
-- One straight fitting and one 90° swivel fitting
(1) - 1,23m stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ -10AN fittings
-- One straight fitting and one 90° swivel fitting
(1) - M20 Thermostatic Sandwich Plate (Non-Thermostatic Available)
(2) - -10AN Fittings
(2) - Dowty Oil Seals
(1) - Large O-Ring
(2) - 1/8" NPT Allen Key Plugs
(2) - Sandwich plate adapters

Proper oil temperature regulation is key to extending and preserving the life of your stock or high performance engine. Keep your temperatures in check with the Mishimoto universal oil cooler kit. This kit is applicable for most vehicles and includes all key components for reducing oil temperatures and providing your engine with extra protection against oil degradation.

This kit includes a billet anodized aluminum sandwich plate in either standard or thermostatic form. The optional Mishimoto thermostatic sandwich plate provides additional temperature control and will limit oil flow to the cooler until optimal temperatures are reached, making it ideal for those in Coolerclimates. The included core is our proven Mishimoto 10 row stacked plate Coolerwhich can withstand high fluid pressures and significantly reduce oil temperatures while exhibiting minimal pressure loss. This kit includes both a 3/4" -16 and M20-1.5 sandwich plate adapter which supports fitment for most makes and models. This kit also includes pre-assembled stainless steel braided oil lines with -10AN fittings and dowty seals for durable, leak free connections. Whether you are piloting a boosted rotary or blown small block the Mishimoto universal oil cooler kit will provide the efficiency you need to stay on the track and out of the shop.